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How Should I Tell My Boss I’m Going Through Fertility Treatment?

Going through fertility treatment often feels like a second job, so it’s no surprise that informing your boss of your treatment schedule can be daunting.

However, having a transparent and open dialogue with your boss and team can reduce the added stress that comes with missing a few hours here and there to make an appointment, get labs drawn, pick up meds…you name it.

The most successful conversations start with discussions that are focused on assuring that the work will get done. What you are discussing with your team is a slight shift in scheduling from time to time to create space in your schedule for your treatment. This may look different for everyone, so be sure to block off certain times in your calendar as far in advance as possible when you know there is a timely appointment you must attend or procedure. Giving your team advanced notice will help everyone adjust their calendars and prevent last minute fire drills to find coverage or backup.

If you do not feel comfortable discussing your new schedule with your manager or have questions about fertility coverage and maternity leave, seek guidance from your HR team and be sure to review your insurance policy. You can also speak directly with a representative from your medical insurance team to review your policy and specific questions.

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