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How to Find a Fertility Pharmacy

Have you just received a prescription to pick up your fertility meds and have no idea where to do so? Have you wondered if you can pick them up at your local pharmacy? If so, this article is for you!


If you are lucky enough to have your meds covered by insurance, make sure you speak with your insurance representative to ask which pharmacies are covered. Many companies work with mail-in fertility pharmacies – meaning they will ship your meds to you once approved. Since these meds are highly specialized, your local pharmacy will likely not carry the majority of medications; certain meds such as Clomid and Femara may be available locally; Menopur will likely not be. Once you’ve confirmed which fertility pharmacy is covered by your insurance, be sure to call them and confirm your order, shipping address and arrival date of meds to ensure you will be around to receive them. This is particularly important if they require refrigeration or live in a remote location.


If you are paying cash – have no fear…you have options! Ask your fertility clinic which fertility pharmacy they recommend and work with. Also ask if there are other fertility pharmacies nearby that may have cheaper prices. Not all meds are priced the same, so it is worth your while to do a quick Google search to find fertility pharmacies in your neighborhood and call to compare prices.

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