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The Full Story



The Fertility Place was created to bring the fertility community together by sharing our collective experiences and changing the narrative of fertility and women's health. Our ultimate goal is to make your journey easier by offering educational resources, personal perspectives and expertise from leading practitioners.  

My Journey

After receiving a surprising secondary infertility diagnosis in my early 30s, I was shocked at how little I knew and how challenging it was to access fertility resources. My journey of frustration, anger, denial and hopelessness quickly turned into action as soon as I realized how common and silent we are as a society on the topic of (in)fertility and how imperative it is to build a community where we can grow, learn and prosper from one another's experience and knowledge. The idea that my (in)fertility journey was completely preventable if I had been told to freeze my eggs in my 20s motivated me to better educate and advocate for myself as a patient.  After countless hours of reading through the literature, I became well versed in the leading factors contributing to infertility, the high prevalence rates, and in my case, a deep understanding of secondary infertility. Only after I took control of my learnings and education, did I have the courage to leave my first fertility doctor to find a more aggressive physician who was willing to perform IVF on me (a 35 year old with an AMH of 0.10...that's right, 0.10!). After a few retrievals and 1 healthy embryo, I am thrilled to say that I am pregnant and even more empowered to help couples and individuals achieve their ultimate goal of starting and growing their families by taking ownership of their journey through education and advocacy.

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