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How to Support a Friend Going Through Fertility Treatment

Updated: Mar 27

Finding the right way to support a friend or family member can be challenging, as everyone has their own level of comfort and preference in sharing their journey. Follow these tips below to gauge the best way to be a supportive figure.

1. Ask

While some may be very open about sharing their experiences, others may prefer to keep their journey private. There is no right or wrong way - it's all rooted in one's own personal preference. The best way to find out is by asking if they are okay with you reaching out for support. Also keep in mind their communication preferences, as some may find it easier share their experience in person, by phone or text.

2. Be Available

If someone prefers to not be asked about their journey, offer to be available when they are ready to share their experience. Knowing a friend is available to be by your side is incredibly meaningful for someone who might not be ready just yet.

3. Honor Their Request

Wanting to support a friend who isn't ready to share can be very challenging for those who want to help. Knowing that this is a deeply personal and sensitive journey will help you better understand what they're going through and their communication preferences. Remember to be mindful of their requests and offer to be available when the time is right.

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