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How to Travel with Fertility Meds

Updated: Jan 8

1. Travel Note: Ask your doctor to provide a note indicating that you are under his/her care and traveling with your fertility meds. This is common practice and your physician or care team should be able to provide a letter for you to print. Make sure to ask a few days before your departure to avoid last minute requests.

2. Organize: Organization is the key to traveling with ease. Print out a calendar and plan where you will be and which medications you will need to take and when. This will ensure you have enough meds while you are traveling and will remind you to refill what is low. Plan ahead to ensure you have enough upon your return.

3. Carry-on: Pack your meds in your carry-on to reduce the chances of losing them should your bag get lost. Knowing they are with you will also put your mind at ease.

4. Refrigerated vs. Room Temp: Pack your refrigerated meds in an insulated bag with frozen ice pack. Ice packs must be frozen or they will be discarded by TSA. Pack your room-temp meds in a separate portion of your carry on.

5. Sharps: Pack your syringes, alcohol wipes, gauze and sharps container so you have all the necessary accessories.

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